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An Honest Review of Superfood Tabs: Tori

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We’d like to introduce you to Tori Sparks! Tori is a hard-working health nurse and single mom in Austin, TX who has been a fan of Superfood Tabs since first starting them 3 years ago – she’s one of our #1 fans! Here is her honest Superfood Tabs review.

What brought you to try Superfood Tabs?

My backstory: Gestational Diabetic with twins on board. I gave birth, but I’m still a diabetic today. Relearning a good healthy diet was hard for me. I knew how to cook, but I didn’t understand what was healthy….I moved back to Austin and divorced a man who created my eating problem.

I saw Superfood Tabs and decided to try because they’re made in my home town, and the tabs are elderberry-based.

Me before Superfood Tabs and better eating habits.

What is your Superfood Tabs and exercise routine like?

I typically I use one tab daily, however, if I know that I’m going to eat out and blow the diet I’ll do two.

I don’t exercise, but I dream about it! I chase my 10 year twins around and work as a home health nurse 50-60 hours a week. I watch my carb intake and if I cheat… I damn sure make sure those calories were worth it.

How have Superfood Tabs changed your life?

Since I started taking the tabs 3 years ago, I am down 66 pounds. I should disclose I was 240 pounds when I first started my journey and now I’m 174!…A1C was 7.9 when I started this journey; recently found out it’s now 6.3. My doctor says I’m a success story!

Today, me and all three of my children understand better food choices, and I’m living my best life!

Yes, that’s me in leather pants at age 46!

What tips do you have for your fellow superfood lovers?

Honestly, I didn’t notice anything the first month…but then inches started coming off, and then the pounds. Just stick with it and make small goals:
-Drink 2 more bottles of water a day (and drink your tabs!)
-Replace a Frappuccino for a one pump of classic cappuccino
-Park farther out at the grocery store
-Smile at every man you see… that was a lot of fun 😉

Take it one day at a time. Try low carb meals, lots of vegetables, lots of water, lots of tabs and determination!

I never would have worn a bathing suit like this in public until now!

Anything else to add?

Trust me, if I can lose 66 pounds and a sorry, cheating husband… by golly, what’s your excuse for not starting these tabs?

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