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Ashwavana Zen Relax

Ashwavana Zen Relax

🇺🇸 Proudly American Made

Feeling stressed out? Want to feel relaxed, calm and worry-free? This delicious ashwagandha drink mix is for you!

Flavor: Strawberry

Ashwavana Zen Relax is an incredibly tasty drink mix packed with adaptogens, nootropics & superfoods. These powerful ingredients have amazing health benefits & can help you:

😊 Regulate Stress
😴 Feel Relaxed
🧠 Brain Function
😃 Elevate Mood
📈 Improves Hormones
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Verified Buyer

I started drinking this instead of wine in the evening. No looking back! I feel more relaxed and it really gives me a mood boost as well. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

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MSRP: $79.95 | 1 Bag (30 Servings)

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Which option should I choose?

Customers who have the best results with Ashwavana drink 2-3 drinks per day. We suggest the Buy 2 or Buy 3 option. Strawberry is caffeine free and is a great way to reduce stress and boost mood all day long.

To achieve results, you've got to stick with it! Subscribe & save not only saves you an extra 25%, it makes sure you have your product delivered directly to your door at the frequency you want. Cancel anytime.

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How It Works

Using the power of adaptogen and nootropics, Ashwavana® Zen Relax was crafted with the help of nutritionists and health experts to help you achieve a balanced, low-stress and peaceful state.

Adaptogen & Nootropic Ingredients

Ashwagandha, rhodiola, magnesium, d3, shiitake

Superfood Ingredients

Beet root, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger root, goji berry, chlorella, grape seed, lemon balm, pomegranate

How To Use

How To Use:
  1. Add 1 serving to 16-20 ounces of cold water (also good in hot water like a tea)
  2. Mix until completely dissolved
  3. Drink and enjoy!
  4. Enjoy 1-3 servings daily.
When To Take:
  • Whenever you feel streesed.
  • When you are wanting to relax.
  • Daily to boost and regulate hormone levels.
Pro Tips:
  • Tastes best in ice cold water.
  • Mix with fruit juice for a fun alcohol alternative drink!
  • This drink will NOT make you sleepy, but I can support a restful sleep by keeping your stress levels low.

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Unlock the power of 14 superfoods.

Delicious flavors and powerful ingredients. Ashwavana is made with adaptogens, nootropics & superfoods.

  • Ashwagandha

    Ashwavana contains a highly bio-available and clinically studied version of ashwagandha called Sensoril©. This is premium ashwagandha that helps manage and reduce stress, boosts energy levels, improves focus and reaction time and improves mental and cognitive health and vitality.
  • Rhodiola

    Ashwavana contains a very powerful and clinically studied version of rhodiola called RhodioPrime© 6X. This specific type of rhodiola helps improve memory, learning and cognition. It also helps reduce stress and anxiety while enhancing your overall mood.
  • Vitamin D3

    Vitamin d3 is an incredible ingredient that helps boost mood levels naturally. Research shows vitamin D3 supplements increase vitamin D levels better than D2 supplements. Vitamin D3 also helps strengthen bones and muscles while reducing inflammation.
  • Beet Root

    Supports health, blood pressure and is full of antioxidants.
  • Turmeric

    A nutrient dense superfood that reduces inflammation and aids metabolic function.
  • Ginger Root

    A potent anti-inflammatory that's packed with antioxidants.
  • Goji Berry

    Helps neutralize harmful free radicals in the body.
  • Chlorella

    Powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial sea algae.
  • Grape Seed Extract

    Grape seeds are turned into an extract and added to our formula. Grape see supports your brain as it ages and helps improve blood flow.
  • Lemon Balm

    Supports stress relief, reduces inflammation and boosts mood.
  • Pomegranate

    Helps reduce inflammation and supports a healthy heart.
  • Matcha

    Helps support weight control and has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Magnesium

    Magnesium is a powerful, clinically studied ingredient that may boost exercise performance, help combat depression and supports better sleep. Magnesium also helps your body absorb nutrients, helping make the additional ingredients in Ashwavana more bio-available.
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Ashwavana Zen Relax - Superfoods Company

The natural way to find your zen.

Ashwavana was developed with licensed nutritionists and health experts to be effective and safe.

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  • Jen M. (Texas)

    When I finally get the kids to sleep, I take a little time for me and drink Ashwavana. Melts my stress away and I sleep so well. I wake up refreshed & relaxed. Highly recommend!

  • Tiffany W. (Illinois)

    I've been more focused on my mental health & I am absolutely loving Ashwavana. 😍 Love the taste and I carry the stick packs with me everywhere. Keeps me feeling stress-free!

  •  Sarah R. (Georgia)

    Go and get some of this Ashwavana!! I feel such a difference... my brain fog is gone and I can manage my stress levels so well. Strawberry flavor is so good! 😋

Got questions? We've got answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ashwavana contain sugar?

No, Ashwavana does not contain sugar. It's lightly sweetened with stevia. Each serving is just 5 calories, 0g of sugar and less than 1g of carbs.

Is there caffeine in Ashwavana?

Ashwavana Guru Focus (Orange Passion Fruit) has 100mg of caffeine. It's a special slow-release blend that won't give you the jitters or crash.

Ashwavana Zen Relax (Strawberry) does not have caffeine.

When will I see results with Ashwavana?

Everyone is different, but customers have reported that they start feeling better in the first few days and weeks. For best results, we suggest using Ashwavana for at least 3 months.

Remember, it takes a combination of improved nutrition, healthy diet and exercise to achieve long term results. Ashwavana can help you kickstart an active, healthy lifestyle and give you the energy to keep it going. Our subscription plans are the best way to guarantee results and save money!

Is this safe to take daily?

Yes, Ashwavana is safe to take daily. The suggest amount is 1-3 servings daily. The formula has been approved by nutritionists and health experts to be safe for long term use.

Is this just for women?

No! Ashwavana is made for everyone. We have customers from all backgrounds and genders who have had tremendous results with Ashwavana.

How do I use Ashwavana?

How To Use:
  1. Add 1 serving to 16-20 ounces of cold water
  2. Mix until completely dissolved
  3. Drink and enjoy!
  4. Enjoy 1-3 servings daily.
When To Take:
  • First thing in the morning (can replace your coffee).
  • Whenever you need to focus.
  • When you are feeling stressed and need to relax but also stay productive.
  • Daily to boost and regulate hormone levels.
Pro Tips:
  • Tastes best in ice cold water.
  • Has 100mg of caffeine, so don't drink it too close to bed time.
  • Mix with fruit juice for a fun alcohol alternative drink!

Do I have to order a subscription?

No, you can purchase one-time or you can select a monthly subscription for even bigger savings.

What if I don't like it, is there a money back guarantee?

You can rest assured that we stand behind our product and offer a 30 day money back guarantee on your purchase.

There's no risk in giving it a try. To learn more about our money back guarantee, click here.
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