How can I redeem and apply my loyalty reward points?

2: Click on Points & Rewards on the left-hand side of the portal once you login in.
3: Select "Ways to Redeem" and then "Order Discount" 
4: Select the amount of points you wish to redeem by using the sliding scale. Once selected, click "Redeem". 
5: The screen will then uncover your unique discount code that ask if you want to "Check out now"  By selecting this the coupon will automatically be applied at checkout.Alternatively you can apply the coupon  by logging into your portal and applying it to your subscription. 
6. To apply the code head to Manage Subscriptions located on the left side of the page. 
6: Scroll until you see the Discount section - Apply the coupon 

If you run into any issues applying loyalty points to your order, please let our Customer Service team know via email or text and we would be happy to assist!


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