Flavor Tips for Superfood Tabs

Having issues with the favor of Superfood Tabs? We've got some tips for you.

Keep in mind, anytime you are starting a new, healthy habit, it's going to take some time for your body to adjust. Give it at least 2 weeks before you throw in the towel. Trust us, it will be worth it. You can use the tips below to make your transition as easy as possible.

Tip 1: Drink in Ice Cold Water

Superfood Tabs tastes best in cold water! Customers says they absolutely love it with ice too, but if ice isn't your thing, just make sure it's cold water. One thing to keep in mind is that the tabs will take a little longer to dissolve as the water gets colder. That's ok, just give it a little time and your drink will be ready! We suggest letting the tabs completely dissolve before drinking.

Tip 2: Taste too strong? Add more water!

Superfood Tabs is made with 15 natural superfood ingredients, and so it's probably going to taste different than anything you've ever had before. If you feel like the taste is too strong, add more water. We recommend at least 16-20 ounces of water, but using more than that is totally fine.Β 

Tip 3: Effects feel too strong? Start with 1/2 tab.

When you first start to detox and cleanse, the effect can sometimes be intense! If you feel that way, there is absolutely nothing wrong with starting with 1/2 tab at a time. That's why we designed them to be easily split in half.Β 

Tip 4: Still struggling with the flavor? Add fresh fruit, juice or a low calorie drink mix.

Customers tell us all the time that they love to enhance the flavor but cutting up fresh fruit or adding fruit juice to their Superfood Tabs drink. We love that! That's just adding additional nutrients and vitamins to the mix. Other customers like to use low calorie drink mixes like Crystal Light. We think that's a great idea too. Feel free to experiment, because mixing will not take away from the superfood benefits.

Tip 5: Like hot drinks? Try it as a hot tea instead!

This may seem crazy, but we actually have a large amount of customers who drink Superfood Tabs as a hot drink! The tabs will dissolve super fast in hot water, and it tastes like a herbal fruit tea!Β 

We want to hear from you!

What are some ways you have tried enhancing the flavor? Do you have any questions? Leave a comment below.