Ashwagandha Drinks

Delicious drinks made with Ashwagandha and powerful nootropics and adaptogens.

Collection: Ashwagandha Drinks

Ashwagandha is a powerful, natural ingredient with benefits for both men and women. Our Ashwagandha drinks are combined with complementary superfoods, adaptogens and nootropics to help you achieve your full potential.Β 

Benefits of Ashwagandha include:

1. Helps With Stress and Anxiety

Discover the stress-relieving wonders of Ashwagandha. Numerous studies have shown its remarkable ability to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

2. Support Lower Blood Sugar and Fat

Explore the natural approach to regulating blood glucose and triglyceride levels with Ashwagandha. Small clinical studies highlight its positive impact on these markers.

3. Helps Build Muscle and Strength

Researchers are actively investigating the impact of ashwagandha on strength and muscle development. In one study, participants reported enhanced speed and strength following ashwagandha supplementation. Additionally, another study noted improvements in muscle power, coupled with reductions in body fat percentage and cholesterol levels among users. Notably, a separate study focusing on male participants revealed significant gains in muscle strength and size, alongside reductions in body fat percentage and post-workout muscle damage, further emphasizing ashwagandha's potential benefits.

4. Enhances Sexual Function in Women

Research suggests ashwagandha may offer relief for women experiencing sexual dysfunction. In a clinical study, participants reported significant improvements in arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and satisfaction following ashwagandha supplementation. Moreover, the frequency of successful sexual encounters increased, accompanied by reduced distress related to their sex lives and sexuality.

5. Increases Fertility and Testosterone Levels in Men

Ashwagandha exhibits potential reproductive benefits for men, as evidenced by its ability to enhance sperm quality and rebalance reproductive hormone levels in infertile individuals. Remarkably, one study reported a notable 14% pregnancy rate among male patients' partners following ashwagandha supplementation.

Moreover, in a study focusing on stress-related effects, ashwagandha demonstrated an increase in testosterone levels specifically in male participants. Another study evaluating its impact on muscle strength in men also noted a significant rise in testosterone levels.

6. Improves Focus and Memory

Ashwagandha shows promise in enhancing cognition, memory, and psychomotor responses based on findings from small-scale studies. Compared to a placebo, ashwagandha significantly improved participants' reaction times during cognitive and psychomotor tests, indicating its potential to enhance responsiveness to instructions and actions.

Furthermore, one study highlighted significant improvements in attention span, immediate memory, and general memory across various tests among ashwagandha users, further supporting its cognitive benefits.

7. Great For Heart Health

Ashwagandha has demonstrated the potential to increase VO2 max levels, indicating improved cardiorespiratory endurance, as shown in at least two studies. VO2 max levels are crucial in measuring the efficiency of oxygen delivery to muscles during physical exertion, reflecting the performance of the heart and lungs.