Frequently Asked Questions

No, Superfood Tabs does not contain sugar. It's lightly sweetened with stevia. Each tablet is just 5 calories, 0g of sugar and less than 1g of carbs.

Yes, Superfood Tabs has 40mg of caffeine from green tea per serving. That's the equivalent to 1/2 of a cup of coffee or tea. Since the caffeine comes from green tea, it won't give you the jitters or cause a crash.

No, you can purchase one-time or you can register for a monthly subscription for even bigger savings.

Everyone is different, but customers have reported that their bloating is reduced in the first few days and weeks. For best results, we suggest using Superfood Tabs for at least 3 months. Remember, it takes a combination of improved nutrition, healthy diet and exercise to achieve long term results. Superfood Tabs can help you kickstart an acive, healthy lifestyle and give you the energy to keep it going. Our subscription plans are the best way to guarantee results and save money!

Absolutely not! Unlike other detoxes that contain laxatives like Senna, Superfood Tabs is 100% laxative free. That means you get all the benefits without the side effects. Superfood Tabs will help you lose weight, boost metabolism, reduce bloating, and clear skin because it flushes out the toxins in your body that are the primary cause of poor health conditions.

Allergens Info

Gluten Free

No grains here! Superfood Tabs are free of wheat, barley, oats, and rye - making it safe for celiacs.

Sugar Free

Absolutely no sugar or artificial sugar added! Superfood Tabs are safe for those watching their sugar, and diabetic-friendly.

Soy Free

Safe for people with soy allergies. Superfood Tabs are 100% soy-free.

Nut Free

Not nuts about nuts? Good news: Superfood Tabs are totally nut-free!

Dairy Free

Superfood Tabs are free of all dairy products, making it safe for anyone lactose intolerant or with a dairy allergy.

Egg Free

Superfood Tabs are vegan and completely egg-free.

Top Customer Reviews

Real customer results with Superfood Tabs
Product rating for Superfood Tabs

5.0 / 5.0

Helped me kickstart into a healthier lifestyle! I love it. I am taking SuperFood Tabs and so far they are a great supplement to my health and exercise regimen. Gets rid of the bloated feeling and also an awesome Detox. I feel so good!!!— Maria S. (California)
Real customer results with Superfood Tabs
Product rating for Superfood Tabs

5.0 / 5.0

I love the ingredients & it really works! I love how I'm feeling less bloated and I have more energy. I’ve even got my husband on it now!— Cheryl K. (Tennessee)
Real customer results with Superfood Tabs
Product rating for Superfood Tabs

5.0 / 5.0

I'm down 34 pounds now & I feel amazing drinking Superfood Tabs, improving my nutrition and exercising! The tablets helped me start becoming more healthy and I'm drinking more water. I feel a lot better when I used the tablets.— Jenny G. (South Carolina)
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Superfood Tabs

Superfood Tabs

Superfood Tabs Rating

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Kickstart your healthy life & drop pant-sizes!
Fizz, drink & feel amazing with the natural Superfood Tabs plan that supports a healthy, active lifestyle!
  • Fight Bloating
  • Curb Cravings
  • Increase Energy
  • Boost Metabolism!
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Reviews are submitted by real customers and represent their own experience with the product. We can not edit or modify their reviews. Individual results may vary. Proper nutrition and exercise is needed to achieve weight loss.

Amazing Benefits

The superfoods in each tasty Superfood Tabs drink have fitness, health, performance, brain & beauty benefits.
Superfood Tabs benefit - Curb Cravings
Curb Cravings†1

Watch your body change as you find yourself able to resist tempations and stay on track. Prevents snacking and curbs cravings.

Superfood Tabs benefit - Reduce Bloating
Reduce Bloating†2

Customers love the feeling of bloating relief they receive from Superfood Tabs. Drink daily to prevent bloating too!

Superfood Tabs benefit - Increase Energy
Increase Energy†3

Calm, steady energy from green tea and l-theanine that gives you energy without the crash or jitters.

Superfood Tabs benefit - Shed Pounds
Shed Pounds†4

Each tablet is packed with superfoods that boost metabolism, burn fat and help control hunger so you can lose weight.

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Join over 400,000 customers!
Made in the USA